Random Bits of Thoughts

Here is a random little bit of a much bigger, deeper thought of mine:

It seems as though what has gone wrong here on planet Earth is that our technology has far surpassed our conscious ability to rightfully know what to do with it. The Industrial Revolution happened so rapidly, our morals and societal organization simply cannot keep up. We have the technology to make this planet a truly beautiful place; where everyone is fed, the air and water are clean, and everything is thriving. Yet, something is standing in a way. I wouldn't call it a lack of intelligence, but rather, an over-load of something seemingly invisible; the Ego. While a little big of Ego is necessary for us to identify with our individual bodies and keep us here, we have far too much that has gone far too uncontrolled and undirected.

All of the problems here on Earth, like greed, for example, are simply symptoms of the Ego. We need a new revolution, before we advance anymore technologically; a Conscious Evolution (ou, that would make a great eBook name). We need to get more in touch with the world around us, instead of preoccupying ourselves, before we move forward.

Can you image the damage that up-and-coming technology, such as nano bots and artificial intelligence could potentially do if run by humans who are choking on their Egos? On the contrary, can you imagine what good that very same tecnology can be used for if run by humans who are mindful and consciously aware of the world around them?

I think it's already happening. There is definitely a shift starting to happen; most people are very afraid for this shift to happen, because it sounds rather detrimental. However, I think a shift is what this world needs; with the right goals in mind, I think this shift maybe be difficult but ultimately completely necessary and quite beautiful.